to a yearlong celebration of the City of Palm Springs’ 75th anniversary showcasing the history and culture of the city from 1938 to the present.

Desert Inn Mashie Course 1920's
Desert Inn Mashie Course 1920's

Over the course of the next 12 months, you will enjoy a specially prepared 12-part editorial series that will be published in Palm Springs Life and posted online. Each installment will focus on a specific aspect that has made the city a legendary destination known throughout the world. Here you will be enthralled by a combination of archival and contemporary photography that demonstrates the city’s rich heritage.

Included on this site is a complete go-to list of 2013 Palm Springs city events. And you can enter to win contests for exciting citywide package prizes, entries are valid now through November 1, 2013.



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Pioneers & Influencers
- Meet the visionaries who shaped the history — and future — of Palm Springs

A Healthy Outcome at El Mirador - The former Palm Springs glamour spot lives on as Desert Regional Medical Center

High and Mighty - Celebrating its 50th anniversary, Palm Springs Aerial Tramway brings the mountain to the people

What’s in a name? - Someone looking at a topographic map of Mount San Jacinto State Park might wonder who was this Cornell character that has a peak named in his honor.

Where’s Crocker? - Steve Nichols recalls that his father, Culver Nichols, was on the first or second car on the tramway’s opening day.

The Scenery and the Scene - Sled dogs, hot air balloons, beauty queens and … dolphins? You betcha!

Out of the Shadows
- Some of Palm Springs’ lesser-known residents have made a big impact on entertainment, politics, and business

Ain’t No Sunshine - With year-round blue skies in Palm Springs, treacherous weather catches residents and visitors by surprise and leaves vivid memories

This Land is Our Land - In Palm Springs, beautiful canyons and mountains serve and protect

Palm Springs at Play - Golf and tennis rule, but other sports — from auto racing to polo to baseball — have helped shape the character of this desert resort town.

Ready for Their Close-Ups - Since Hollywood’s first heartthrob, Rudolph Valentino, shot The Sheik in the desert in 1921, filmmakers have come to the Coachella Valley like bees to cactus blossoms.

‘We Thought of Ourselves as One Community’ - Some of the best history, characters, and color of Palm Springs unfold in its distinctive neighborhoods from the traditional ones developed from the 1920s until shortly after World War II to the midcentury modern enclaves designed by now-iconic architects such as Wexler, Frey, Cody, Palmer and Krisel, and others.

Stars Align to Lead - Celebrities discovered Palm Springs long before it was incorporated 75 years ago. Here they let their hair down, relaxed in the sun, and began supporting local civic and charitable activities.

75 Things We Love About Palm Springs -
People to our east may have the Grand Canyon, Gateway Arch, and Broadway, but they also have intolerant immigration rules, tornadoes, and stressful traffic. People to our west may have Pacific Ocean beaches and Sunset Boulevard, but they also have fog and stressful traffic.

Women With Vision - The mention of Palm Springs usually conjures up images of Hollywood movie stars, a playground for the rich and famous, or the golf capital of the world -— certainly not a hub of women’s...

Men on the Forefront - The expeditions passing through the desert in the mid- to late-1800s saw only arid, barren land. It took vision and grit to see the possibilities of this land. What follows are some of the...

The Woman Leads - She led an all-women council that changed the financial destiny of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians and the California resort communities of Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage.

Building on Last Century’s Innovation - In the mid-20th century, desert architects eagerly worked in a new, modern idiom — and Palm Springs provided fertile ground for their brilliant designs.

Bringing Presence to the Past- Today’s architects take inspiration from early masters and run with it.

The Beat Goes On
- Sonny Bono, Palm Springs’ celebrity mayor, did more for the city than launch one of the world’s most prestigious film festivals. With a revivalist vision and an anti-bureaucratic cause, the star with a common touch embodies the city’s cultural and economic transition.

Courtship Among the Pros
- More of the world’s No. 1 tennis players hit balls at the Racquet Club: In addition to Budge and Marble, Ellsworth Vines in the 1930s; Bobby Riggs, Jack Kramer, and Pancho Segura in the 1940s and ’50s; Rod Laver, Roy Emerson, Ken Rosewall, Stan Smith, Bob Lutz, Jimmy Connors, Chris Evert, Pancho Gonzales, Arthur Ashe, and Billie Jean King in the 1960s and ’70s.

Creating a Racquet (Club) - The story has oft been that the Racquet Club began when Farrell and Bellamy had trouble getting on the tennis courts at the El Mirador Hotel. The actors formed a partnership, bought 200 acres at $30 an acre, and told the finest tennis court builder they could find to build the best two tennis courts money could buy. When it was finished, their young celebrity friends came, relaxed, and played tennis.

Bringing Fame to Palm Springs - Since the early 1900s, the desert has lured celebrities who came to play, stay, and live. Many stars who came here to work found themselves checking out real estate afterward.

The Birth of a Fountain
- A Mexican father, a pioneer godmother and a staff of desert midwives brought the airport terminal's new "baby" into existence.

Howard Hughes - Howard Hughes was a frequent visitor to the Palm Springs area for more than 30 years beginning around 1925. He stayed in a leased house or suites at the Racquet Club or Ingleside Inn, usually in the company of a young Hollywood starlet.

Snow in Palm Springs? Snow That Stayed??
- Yes Virgina, it has snowed in Palm Springs.

El Mirador - A Grand Hotel
- It had 165 rooms to start with, and it once was advertised, with exuberant use of words, as "a magnificent palace of splendor." More simply stated — a true luxury hotel



The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies, January-May and November-December, 760-327-0225, www.psfollies.com

VillageFest, every Thursday evening, www.villagefest.org

Certified Farmers Market, 760-322-3521, www.psculturalcenter.org

Free Second Sundays at Palm Springs Art Museum, 760-322-4800, www.psmuseum.org

Continuing through Nov. 3: Contemporary Glass Exhibition, 760-322-4800, www.psmuseum.org


Oct 25-27: American Heat Bike Weekend, 775-329-7469, www.road-shows.com/american_heat.php

Oct. 27: Historic Palm Springs Woman’s Club Celebrates 75 Years Opening Party, 760-774-7178, Kathleen@resortmktg.com


Nov.: National Native American Heritage Month, 760-778-1079, www.accmuseum.org

Nov 2: Palm Springs Pride Run and Walk, 760-416-8711, www.pspride.org

Nov. 2-3: Greater Palm Springs Pride Festival and Parade, 760-416-8711, www.pspride.com

Nov. 11: Palm Springs Veterans Day Parade

Nov. 22-24: McCormick’s Classic Car Show and Auction, 760-320-3290, www.classic-carauction.com

Nov 23: Winter Wonderland Ball, 760-323-7676, www.strokerecoverycenter.org

Nov 23-25: Palm Springs Open Tennis Tournament, 760-325-8481, www.aidsassistance.org

Nov. 29-Dec. 2: Desert Arts Festival, 818-813-4478, www.westcoastartists.com


Dec 3: Streetbar’s Annual Wreath Auction, 760-325-8481, www.aidsassistance.org

Dec. 5: 27th Annual Athena Awards honoring Helene Galen, Carol Channing & Mariah Hanson, 760-325-1577, www.pschamber.org

Dec. 7: Festival of Lights Parade, 760-323-8276, www.psfestivaloflights.com

Dec 13: Walk of the Inns, 760-422-4800, www.psmuseum.org

Dec 14-15: Desert Arts Festival, 818-813-4478, www.westcoastartists.com









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